The myth of oceans creation – A short story


A young woman in a long pale violet sweeping dress was sitting in a rocking chair, holding a three year old baby girl on her lap. Her silky golden hair was pulled back in a long braid that went about midway down her back. She was telling her daughter an old story passed down through the family until she fell asleep soundly. Daria laid her down gently in the crib before quietly stepping outside of the small cabin like house. She looked around silently for her husband, who had been working all morning.

Her life was the most perfect in her village. She had a good husband, a beautiful baby girl, land, and food. She came from a poor family were they could barely find enough food to feed the whole family every night and it was a miracle that she had gotten everything she ever wanted.  All that went to her head after time though. In the beginning she would give the poor and homeless little bits of the food she bought and start conversations to try and brighten their day. But now she just stepped over them, her head turned the other way. She didn’t care whether or not other people were suffering, all that mattered was that she had all she wanted. It didn’t stop at that, when people would ask her for the tiniest bit of food she’d snap at them, annoyed that they’d even talk to her. She didn’t have time to help the poor anymore according to her. She had to much things to get for her home and family.

The demonic god known as Mara could corrupt his victims by tempting them with desire or instilling them with fear and disguise himself as a loved one or someone you hate, fear, or trust twisting your mind. He watched Daria for days his darks eyes crinkling with excitement as he smirked. The mischievious demon disappeared from his place as he went to visit Daria. When Daria arrived home she shut the door quietly and set the things she bought on a wooden table in her kitchen. As she was putting things away she saw a movement flash across her front window. Narrowing her eyes she stopped what she was doing and quickly opened the door. “If you homeless fiends feends followed me home to ask for food you’d better get off my property right now before I get my husband!” She snapped. After no response she looked around and spotted a figure in the woods to the side of her house. “Hey! Who’s there?” She yelled towards the person. As she stepped closer towards the woods she couldn’t believe her eyes as to who was there. It was her mother who had died of heart disease but not before she raised her children heartlessly. The woman was a mean and cold person towards her children bitter that they had ruined her life. Daria ran back to the house, closing the door quickly while sucking in quick panicky breaths. Her hands were shaking and she quickly walked into the room her daughter was in, shutting that door too. Little did she know it was Mara, starting the mischief he loved. Mara crept towards the house, pounding on the outside wall of the room they were in. Daria screamed, grabbing her daughter who had wokenwaken up from all the loud noises. She ran into the main room and sat her crying daughter down. Her husband Jasper then rushed in, “What’s going on?” He asked. Daria was frantically looking around the room and out the windows. “T-There was a woman- my mother! She was pounding on the walls.” She mumbled quickly. She sounded crazy, even her husband thought so. He frowned because she had upset their daughter and he wondered if his wife was going insane. “Why don’t you go to bed. I’ll watch Talise.” He said, picking up their daughter and walking out of the room. Daria frowned and walked to her bedroom, listening to her husband she went to sleep.

It had been a few weeks since the first incident and Daria was driving herself insane, her hair looked unkemptunkept and she was panicky all the time. It was happening everyday now while her husband was away. She didn’t feel safe in her own home and she was especially worried about Talise even if her husband was telling her it was all in her head. She heard the demon whisper her daughters name the night before and she had told her husband a demon was trying to steal their child. Jasper was starting to feel like his own daughter wasn’t safe with his wife because of the way she was acting. He’d never heard of something like this. The family was falling apart from the stress of what was going on.

On a cold winter night the first flakes of snow started falling, lightly scattering over the grass. Daria was dressed in a long white nightgownnight gown, rocking her daughter in her arms as she fell asleep. She had dark circles under her eyes from the nights of restless sleep with nightmares that often woke her, making it unable to go back to sleep. She had candles in the main room giving off a gentle glow. As she set her daughter down in her crib she began hearing the voices again, whispering her daughters name. There was a sharp knock at the front door and she opened it with anger burning in her eyes. “Who is it?” She snapped, before being met with nothing but darkness and the woods outside her home. She watched as someone walked eerily into the woods. She could only see the outline of the person but she was sick of being tormented by this demon so she stepped outside in just her socks and nightgown following it from a safe distance. As they went deeper into the woods, she looked back at her home wondering if she should go back but she knew if she didn’t do this it would never stop. So she kept following it, which would be the worst mistake she had ever made. After a long while of walking the figure stopped and she stopped just a few feet away. “Stop tormenting me demon!” She demanded with a false confidence. Mara turned around just then with a wicked grin, disguised as an old woman. It slowly lifted it’s arm pointing a long boney finger behind her. Daria then turned suddenly to see her home in flames. She screamed and raced towards it, her feet numb from the cold ground.  She lifted her long nightgown so she wouldn’t trip as she ran. She knew she wasn’t insane! But now the proof of it would destroy her life. She watched from a distance as her husband burst through the door into the burning house, trying to get to theirthere daughter. But it was to late, the cabin collapsed burning steadily just as Daria reached it. She dropped to the ground sobbing as her once life came crashing down on her. She destroyed everything she had worked for by being cruel and letting her good fortune go to her head. She didn’t know a grief like this existed, it had never happened in her village. She sat there for hours, the tears falling from her face steadily. The village didn’t dare come close in fear of being doomed with the same fate, so there she sat for days until she disappeared not leaving a trace except for the oceans she created with her tears of grief for her lost family.